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1) Acupuncture Needle
2) Korean Sujok Needles
3) Auricular Press Needles, Auricular Seeds
4) Moxa and Equipments
5) Cupping sets
6) Models (Human models and Ear models)
7) Plum Blosoom Needle
8) Electrostimulators & TENS Machine
9) Home Health care products
10) Soft Laser
11) Energy Appliances and Acupressure Products
12) Acugraph, Pulse Analysis System
13) Guasha oil and Guasha Scruber
13) Books
14) Neck vibrator for cervical
Yellow Box
Mac Chinese Silver Acupucture Needles individually blister packed needle.
Mac Chinese Silver
Acupucture Needle 10 Pieces / 1 Packed in Plastic Paper
TAi YI Mox Roll
10 Pieces /1 box
Pure Moxa Roll
Ear Press Needle
50 Pieces per pack
Ear Seeds
60 pieces/ 1 pack
Korean Cupping Set
10 pieces / 1 set
Pen laser
2 mode (pulse & continuous mode)
Mac Needle Moxa
(pack of 500 pieces)
Mac Sticky Moxa ( 180 pieces)
Smokeless Moxa
(Pack of 5 pieces)
Ear Model
(23 cm points are marked in English & Chinese)
(KWD 808 6 outputs)
Sujok Needle
Hand Roller & Probes  
Tens Machine
with one output (5 types of mode) Acupuncture , cupping , Massager, Scrubber, Hammering
Neck Therapy
instrument & vibrator for cervical spondylosis
Sujok Needles/Hand Needle
Sterilized korean sujok needles 10 pcs/ 1 pack in plastic paper
1 . Accupuncture Needle
All needles are disposable and sterilized with EOG AND GAMMA RAY. A wide range of Thickness and length are always available.
Code Pack Description
01 100 pcs/box Mac Silver handle Needle individually blister packed.
02 100 pcs/box Mac Stainless Steel Needle ,individually blister packed
03 100 pcs/box Mac Copper Acupuncture Needle, Individually blister packed
04 100 pcs/box Mac Silver Ring head Acupuncture Needles Packed in plastic bag
05 100 pcs/box Mac Stainless Steel Needle Packed in plastic bag
06 100 pcs/box HWATO Silver Acupunture Needle
07 200pcs/box Lancets for blood stabbing
08 1pcs/box Lancing Device for blood Stabbing
2 ) Koren Sujok Needles
Code Pack Description
01 10 pcs/box Needles Packed in Plastic Vinyl
02 50 pcs/box Needles Sticked into high quality sponge
03 1 pcs/box Gravity inserter
04 1 pcs/box Six ki inserter
05 1 pcs/box Metal Probe
3 ) Auricular Press Needle
Code Pack Description
01 50 pcs/box Intradermal needle sticked into high quality of sponge.
02 50 pcs/box Sterile press needle. plaster colour is brown. Best quality medicine plaster used.
03 60 pcs/box Sterile Ear Press seeds. Plaster colour is brown.
4 ) Moxa and Equipments
Code Pack Description
01 1pc Pure Moxa Roll Stick
02 10 pc / 1 box TAI YI Moxa Roll Stick
03 120 g Standard Moxa . Moxa is suitable for Naval with Ginger
04 200 pcs / 1 bag Tube Type Moxa Cylindrical Type Moxa
05 1 each / 1 pack Stand for Cylindrical Moxa 5 Holes
06 1 each / 1 pack Stand for Cylindrical Moxa 1 Holes
07 180 pcs / 1 Box Mini Moxa self Stiky Moxa in Cardbord Tube
08 225 pcs / pack Granule type Moxa Mounted on Adhesive cardboard
09 500 pcs /pack Gold Moxa for Warming the Needle with Paper Cover
10 180 pcs / pack Mini Smokeless Moxa Self Stiky
11 5 pcs / 1 pack Moxa Smokeless Sticks Of compressed Charcoal Good for Alergic Patient
12 1 pcs / 1 pack Moxa Extinguisher / Stand
5 )Cupping Sets
Code Pack Description
01 15pcs/1set Korean Cupping Set (Large Size) Set Of 15pcs High Quality Plastic cups and pump Gun / Carry Care and Self cupping tube
02 10pcs /1set Korean Cupping set (Medium Size) set of 10 High Quality Plastic cups and Pump Gun with Carry Case . Cups are Unbreakable
03 6pcs/1set Chinese Cupping Set (Set of 6 pcs With Vacumm Gun )
04 12pcs/Set Chinese Cupping Set (set of 12 pcs) with Vacumm Gun
05 10pcs/set Extra Korean cups (Set of 10pcs)
06 3pcs Glass Cupping Set
6 )Models
Code Pack Description
01 1Each Male Model (Height 50cms) Point clearly Marked in English and Chinese Made of Plastic Vinyl
02 1Each Male Model (Height 85cms) Point Marked in English and Chinese
03 1Each Ear Models (23 cms) Made of Plastic Vinyl Points Marked in English and Chinese
04 1Each Ear Models (13 cms) Made of Plastic Vinyl Point Marked in English and Chinese
05 1pc Body Acupuncture Charts Set of 3pcs
06 1pc Ear Acupuncuture Point Chart
07 1pc Sujok Hand Model
08 1pc Sujok foot model
09 1pc Acupuncture needle inserters
7) Plum Blosoom Needle
Code Pack Description
01   7 Star Needle Used for Tapping
8) Electrostimulators & TENS Machine
Code Pack Description
01 1set Kwd 808 Electrical Needle Stimulator 6 Outputs Acupoint Detecting Pen, DC/AC(220v/110v) with Timer Self StickyPads and Normal Pads for TENS and 5 Types of Waves.
02 1each Chinese TENS Single Channel With Self Sticky Pad. Good for Self healing , 5 Types of mode
03 1each TENS Machine Double Channel with Self Sticky Pad
04 1each Indian Stimulator of 2 Channels, 3Channels, 4Channels, 6Channels, 10Channels are also avilable
9)Home Health Care Products
Code Pack Description
01 10pcs/pack Star Magnets N-S Magnets, Bar Magnet Chakra Magnet
02 1pcs Sujok Moxa
03 1pcs Sujok Ring
04 1pcs Neck Massager
05 1pcs Foot Massager
10) Soft Laser
Used in Acupuncture Points for Pain Relief (Both Indian and Imported Models are avilable)
11)Energy Appliances and Acupressure Products
Code Pack Description
01 1pcs Eye Massager
02 1pcs Breast Enlargement Massager
03 1pcs Spine Roller
04 1pcs Multi Massager With Probe
05 1pcs Power Mat
06 1pcs Magnetic Power Sole
07 1pcs Foot Massager In Plastic
08 1pcs Twister Body massager
09 1pcs Foot Massager Electronic
10 1pcs Magnetic Hair Brush
11 1pcs Magnetic Bracelet
12 1pcs Foot Warmer Massager
13 1pcs Probe in Wooden
14 1pcs Hand Roller
15 1pcs Magnetic Back Belt
16 1pcs Sauna Belt for Reducing Weight
12) Acugraph
A Instrument which Locates the Acupuncture Points and Advise the Treatment Method. It Locate the Energy Lavel Yin and Yang
1) Essentials of Chinese acupuncture
2) Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion
3) Essentials of contemporary chinese acupuncturists’ clinical experiences
4) The miracle of acupuncture
5) The location of acupoints
6) Traditional chinese internal medicine
7) Essentials of traditional chinese paediatrics
8) Standard meridian points of acupuncture (charts) (loose sheets in soft folder)
9) Test: chinese acupuncture and moxibustion
10) Acupuncture, meridian theory and acupuncture points
11) Charts of meridians and their points (loose sheets in soft folder)
12) A family massage manual
13) Keep fit the Chinese way
14) Eating your way to health
15) Integrating Chinese and Western medicine
16) Fundamentals of traditional Chinese medicine:Yin Huihe and others
17) Chinese family acupoint massage
18) Chinese Tuina Therapy
19) Infantile tuina therapy
20) The mystery of longevity
21) 14-Series Sinew - Transforming Exercise
22) TCM: Clinical case studies Edited by Chen Keji
23) Curing diseases the chinese way with ginger, garlic and green onion
24) Hand therapy traditional chinese remedies
25) Effective points therapy of acupuncture
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